Run Unity 5 and Unity 4 side-by-side

Unity 5 is out (and more handsome than ever, check out that moustache!). It's chock-full of all sorts of super-fun stuff that you (and I, and everyone else) want to try out. If, like me, you're a bit paranoid and don't want to jeopardize your existing development environment, the good… Read more →

Sunchasers Developer Diary #7

We have clothes! Well, our protagonist finally does, at least. Clothes, and a full set of hair. There's still some refinement and shading missing, but she's looking good enough for now and at the very least I can work on Sunchasers on the bus again without my screen being filled… Read more →

Sunchasers Developer Diary #6

Whoa, we're back! After a month-long semi-hiatus, Sunchasers is back in production! It's not like I didn't do any work on the game in September, mind you, but the next big task in the game's development involved putting some clothes and hair on our protagonist, and trying to plot pixels… Read more →

Sunchasers Developer Diary #5

So there's a new build today, but I don't think that there's been a lot of changes on account of me being completely unproductive during wisdom-teeth recovery. I tried like to hell to summon the energy to work on Sunchasers this week, but everytime I sat down to create something… Read more →

Sunchasers Developer Diary #4

Week 4, eh? This is the most consistently I've ever blogged about anything, and it's become pretty rewarding. I had all four wisdom teeth out yesterday, and was genuinely bummed that I didn't have the energy to make the self-imposed Wednesday deadline. Even though it's been less than a month… Read more →