Serving an XML Sitemap with Ghost

Ghost is a pretty awesome up-and-coming blogging platform that I’ve been using for the past few months to power this blog. Unfortunately, since it’s still very new, there are some big SEO gaps missing from the core code. Today, we'll through a quick-and-dirty way to get your Ghost… Read more →

Same spit, different shine

Well well well, isn't this a change! After months of flirting with the idea of porting the old blog design from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, I decided to take a more interesting approach and migrate the whole blog from Drupal to the newfangled, recently kickstarted Ghost. On the whole… Read more →

Anatomy of a comment spam template

So I recently received a spam comment on this blogpost, and what immediately caught my eye was that this particular spammer's content-pinner didn't function properly, so the entire spam template and all of it's variations were posted to the comments section. Once I got past the hilarity of the situation… Read more →

Getting Things Done with ToodleDo

Ahoy! It's somehow been a year since my last full post (gack!), so I should probably get back on the horse and get writing again. To make up for it, how's about I post two articles in quick succession? Deal? Deal. We're gonna be talking about time management and getting-slash-staying… Read more →

Anatomy of a Drupal Entity

On a recent project in which we had to create a number of different entities, I started a list of functions / classes / etc. that are required when creating an entity in Drupal 7. Rather than remembering to move it around to each project, I think it makes more sense to… Read more →

Drupal ImageSearchField module

A Drupal module that provides an image field that supports both user-uploaded images, image URLs, and images returned by image-search APIs (e.g. Google's Image Search API, the Amazon API, etc.). The image-search results are driven by plugins for the various APIs and thus can be extended by additional modules… Read more →

jQuery Ring Menu

The jQuery Ring Menu plugin allows for an animated ring-menu effect that positions a list of options in a circle. Looks nifty in motion, and has some usability benefits such as equidistant menu choices when triggered under the mouse cursor. Built originally for the UI of a web-based videogame, the… Read more →